Dear DONACHAIN Members,

We want to share this joy with all the members who love DONACHAIN!
The DONACHAIN site, which has been open for a long time due to various problems, has finally started the official service on October 1st after the trial service on September 15th.
Once again, thanks to all the members who waited patiently for the tiem being,
DONACHAIN, which presents a new paradigm of donation culture, is now enjoying and the joy of sharing with members of the world.

Please note that you will still have to go through the email verification process when you first connect to the new system.
The procedure for email authentication is as follows:

1) Click "Forgot Password" on login page
2) Click the "SUBMIT" button after typing the email address that was used in the email address field
3) In your email inbox, open the email message "Reset Password" from Donachain and click the link
4) Enter current or new password

Deposit function will be available on October 8th, and also please note that you cannot use this function unless not verifying email.